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Here is a round of FAQs containing all the answers to your questions.

For how long morphine stays in the body?

It takes at least 90 days to remove morphine from the hair follicle. Just in case, the morphine quantity is higher than ordinary, and it may take over six months to get rid of it altogether.

In how much I can detect morphine consumption?

You can analyze in a blood test done within 12 hours of consuming it. If not this, then it can be rectified in the urine samples within 2-3 days.

Doctors use morphine to treat what?

In a high majority of cases, Morphine is used to treat-

  1. Surgeries
  2. Kidney stone pain and other major issues
  3. Chronic pain in any part of the body
  4. HIV/Aids pain management
  5. Accident
  6. Cancer
  7. A severe headache or a migraine

Do people die because of morphine consumption?

According to a report generated in the United States of America, around 60 people die because of morphine overdosage. Therefore, around 22,000 people on an annual basis die just because of morphine.

What does morphine contain?

According to a report generated by the U.S National Library of Medicine says, morphine contains-

  1. Roxanol
  2. Kadian
  3. MS Contin
  4. Oramorph
  5. Morphabond

All these elements are harmful to health but only when taken in a high amount.

What are the major effects of morphine?

  1. Increases drowsiness
  2. Throw up problems
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Issues in breathing
  5. Weakens digestive system

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